Nicole M. Weatherly founded Superstar X, a for-purpose multimedia collective for the superstar in all of us... Part of Superstar X's collective, The X Shop is a shoppable art gallery, showcasing different X Products co-created by "different" X Artists.

Nicole's brother, Edward K. Weatherly, is Superstar X's debut X Artist. His pop-graffiti artwork is viewable online at The X Gallery and available for purchase as X Products inside The X Shop within an otherworldly art exhibition: "Alien Realities."

Edward's many influences include Keith Haring; pop culture; DJ culture; multimedia; binary digits; X; God; and extraterrestrials. Ultimately, Edward's artwork provides an insightful glimpse inside his complex reality with schizophrenia, substance use disorder, homelessness, identity, HIV, aliens, and humxns.

Your purchases allow The X Team to continue co-creating goodness with and for X Artists, in addition to gifting 10% from each purchase to initiatives, programs, and/or organizations for multidimxnsional wellness. Thank you for being part of The X Family and helping us make a positive difference together! 

To learn more about the origins of Superstar X and its multimedia collective, click here.

"ALIEN REALITIES" by Edward K. Weatherly, Pop-Graffiti Artist



At The X Shop's first photoshoot: Nicole, Founder & Creative Engineer, and Beatrice, Amazing Mother, having fun!