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“Home” scarf - love it!

I was going to keep it as a gift on hand (a great gift) for a friend, but kept it for myself! Looks great wearing it with a simple, solid coloured shirt.

“Home” artwork - Love it!

Love this artwork. It’s the perfect piece for my “home”. A nice gift for anyone. Perfect size. It’s a cool open edition and addition to my home.


Amazing sweatshirt!! It's so comfy and I just love the graphic as well as the message behind it!!

Awesome masks!

Really well made and durable masks! They’re a favourite of my son because of the patterns but also because they are comfortable to wear and stay in place due to the metal nose piece inside. Great purchase! Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for this review, Superstar Asha! We're very happy to know that the 'Angel' design is a favourite of your son's - that's a true compliment!

Beautiful, Colourful & Stylish 💚

I’m so happy with my “Home” tote 🧡
The artwork on canvas is sharp and in excellent colour and detail (not blurry at all). It’s easy to carry and is spacious with has 3 pockets on the inside — 1 is zippered. I’m also glad that the lining is sewn well and feels durable. I had planned to use it to carry a change of clothes, towel, shoes for my exercise classes (but studio is closed now). It’s also great as a roomy tote bag / purse / gym bag or carryall. It’s so unique that it makes me and others smile whenever I carry it ☺️

Gorgeous Scarf

Beautiful silk scarf. Unique design and extremely versatile that can be used for casual and formal events. Awesome quality. Will keep coming back for more!!

Fashionable, comfortable and uber cool!!

These are probably the most complimented pair of sneakers that I have ever owned. They are very very stylish, well made and also extremely comfortable. It's definitely a statement piece.

Superstar Bode! We're so happy to have this feedback! It's such an honour for us that you're part of The X Family, and it means the world to us that you're showcasing the goodness of Edward's art on Superstar X sneakers! #ThankYOUforBeingX

Landing makes me feel like home

Simply magnificent!
Long before I was an immigrant I felt like I didn't quite belong...when I saw these shoes it felt like a fit, I felt these were for me.
It is a vibe I can't explain, I just feel it!

<p></p><p>Ahhhhh, we're so happy to hear that, Superstar Mon! How wonderful to know that the sneaks have this effect for you...thank you for being here, and thank you for being part of The X Family! You definitely belong!!</p>

Superstar X Shoes are super comfy and super flashy!

If you like the cut of Chuck Taylor's by Converse, but wish they were more comfortable and flashier, this shoe is it!
It's a great way to show personality with each step you take and help support a great cause.

The shoe is really comfortable and I get compliments on the colours and design all the time.

<p>Superstar Shaun! Thank you for your witty and kind review! We're thrilled to know this feedback, and we so appreciate you being part of The X Family!</p>

"HOME" by Edward K. Weatherly - Mindful Mug (11 oz.)
Carolyn DeFreese Walters (Chestermere, CA)
Great Quality, Beautiful Artwork

I love the mugs, I use them for my coffee every morning. The bright colours and underlying meaning make me feel happy, and it is such a great way to start my day!

Superstar Carolyn! We're so happy that the mugs make you happy! Thank you for being part of The X Family!!

Stylin' at the Gym

Not only am I proud to say that I am the first customer at the X Shop (infamy!) but I was also uber excited about purchasing my fitted Ts (Sensation, and The Love Aliens Family tank) for my workouts. The material is fantastic for the gym (bootcamp/HIIT) it moves with me, and it breathes well. Mostly though, a lot of people make comments on the pattern on the fabric. The colors are bright, and I love the big hearts. When people ask me about the design, I happily tell them about Superstar X and the X Shop. Everyone loves to wear something that makes them feel great, and it's even better when there is a worthwhile cause behind it.

"HOME" by Edward K. Weatherly - Timeless Tote Bag
Marlene Nelson (Calgary, CA)
I LOVE my Tote Bag!

My tote bag hangs on the front closet door ready for my next outing... This one-of-a-kind bag is functional and fashionable and it’s rare that I don’t get stopped on the street by people wondering where I got my fantastic bag!