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We just mounted print No. 8 on our wall and it looks wonderful! Adds am excellent highlight on our living room walls

Beautiful prints that tell stories

Ma-Nee Chacaby’s paintings tell stories. These prints are excellent reproductions of the highest quality. They would be a peaceful, colorful addition to any setting.

Fantastic professional quality prints

I received this stunning print as one of a gift set of Ma-Nee Chacaby’s work. The painting itself is lovely and has layered meanings. The print colors are rich and beautiful; the quality of the paper is excellent. As a framed set, these prints look like they are part of a professional art exhibit. They make a wonderful gift!

“Home” scarf - love it!

I was going to keep it as a gift on hand (a great gift) for a friend, but kept it for myself! Looks great wearing it with a simple, solid coloured shirt.

Superstar R.C., we're happy to know you think the scarf is a keeper (and a gift)! Thank you for your support!

“Home” artwork - Love it!

Love this artwork. It’s the perfect piece for my “home”. A nice gift for anyone. Perfect size. It’s a cool open edition and addition to my home.

Superstar R.C., we're so happy to know that you love it, and we're honoured to have 'Home' in your home!

Beautiful, Colourful & Stylish 💚

I’m so happy with my “Home” tote 🧡
The artwork on canvas is sharp and in excellent colour and detail (not blurry at all). It’s easy to carry and is spacious with has 3 pockets on the inside — 1 is zippered. I’m also glad that the lining is sewn well and feels durable. I had planned to use it to carry a change of clothes, towel, shoes for my exercise classes (but studio is closed now). It’s also great as a roomy tote bag / purse / gym bag or carryall. It’s so unique that it makes me and others smile whenever I carry it ☺️

Landing makes me feel like home

Simply magnificent!
Long before I was an immigrant I felt like I didn't quite belong...when I saw these shoes it felt like a fit, I felt these were for me.
It is a vibe I can't explain, I just feel it!

<p></p><p>Ahhhhh, we're so happy to hear that, Superstar Mon! How wonderful to know that the sneaks have this effect for you...thank you for being here, and thank you for being part of The X Family! You definitely belong!!</p>

"HOME" by Edward K. Weatherly - Timeless Tote Bag
Marlene Nelson (Calgary, CA)
I LOVE my Tote Bag!

My tote bag hangs on the front closet door ready for my next outing... This one-of-a-kind bag is functional and fashionable and it’s rare that I don’t get stopped on the street by people wondering where I got my fantastic bag!