"MEDUSA" by Edward K. Weatherly - Galaxy S6 Phone Case


Celebrate individuality and connection with the weird, wild, and wonderful work of Superstar X's Creators. Superstar X's collection of Out-of-This-World designs are for trend-setting humans who make a statement simply by being who they are.

Tame YOUR "Medusa," starting with Superstar X's debut Creator, Edward K. Weatherly! No matter where you are along your journey, this Phone Case will brighten your world while protecting your precious mode of communication! 

  • Made from hard polycarbonate: the same plastic used for motorcycle helmets.
  • Fade, UV, and scratch resistant.
  • Slim fit protects your phone without adding bulk.
  • Remove from phone to clean, wipe with a damp cloth, let air dry, and then replace on phone.

Instructions for Removing Slim Case
Slim-fit cases are like a second skin for your phone. They snap into place easily but the tight fit can make them a bit tricky to get off your device! We've found this way works best:
1. Find a smooth soft surface like a towel (nothing that would scratch a screen)
2. Place your phone face down on the surface.
3. Position your thumbs on the back middle of the device. Hook your fingertips along one long edge of the phone case. Push down with your thumbs while pulling up with your fingertips. Apply a small amount of pressure. The case will give way on the one side first and then it's easy to remove fully

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