"THE LOVE ALIENS FAMILY" by Edward K. Weatherly - Here-to-Serve Platter


Celebrate individuality and connection with the weird, wild, and wonderful work of Superstar X's Creators. Superstar X's collection of Out-of-This-World designs are for trend-setting humans who make a statement simply by being who they are. 

Choose YOUR "Love Aliens Family," starting with Superstar X's debut Creator, Edward K. Weatherly! No matter what type of chef you are, this designer Here-to-Serve Platter will bring out the best in your food!

  • Size: 10"x14" 
  • Manufactured using ThermoSāf® polymer, which has the following properties:
    • Microwave-safe.
    • Safe for use in convection or conventional ovens for up to 300°F and less than 60 minutes.
    • Dishwasher-safe (commercial and residential).
    • BPA- free.
    • Does not contain melamine or formaldehyde.
  • Art designed in Canada and product designed/manufactured in the U.S.A.

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