The Greatest Thing We Have in Common is That We're All Different

Welcome to The X Shop! 

Fuelled with love by Superstar X and launched on May 10, 2019, The X Shop is a "shoppable art gallery for the superstar in all of us."

Thank YOU for Being Here. We hope you have a fun shopping experience, perusing products with designs by my brother and Superstar X’s debut Creator, Edward K. Weatherly.

The Superstar X story starts with Edward. In 1999, Edward was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a chronic brain disorder with an estimated prevalence of 1% that 100% changed our family. 

Edward is a self-taught pop-graffiti artist, his work revealing influences of his idol Keith Haring. Through Edward’s artwork, he courageously invites us into his world and provides us with an insightful glimpse into his complex reality.

Inspired by Edward’s life and artwork, I founded Superstar Xa multimedia collective for the superstar in all of us, with a purpose to celebrate being human and destigmatize being different. We co-create for multidimensional wellness, art, film, music, fashion, and fun!

Edward’s story is one of many. Together, we can shine a bright light on those who are socially vulnerable and rewrite a new “normal,” removing the stigma from mental illness which can be even more debilitating than the illness itself. Together, we can celebrate our individuality and create even more meaningful connections.

To discover more about Edward and the Superstar X universe, we invite you to visit and we hope to see you in the aisles of The X Shop sometime soon!

Thank YOU for Being X!



Hi Judy! You always brighten my day. Thank you for your kind words — this means a lot coming from you, as I truly admire YOU for being an authentic and kind leader, which is what all companies need in order to cultivate cultures that bring out the best in people.

Nicole September 13, 2019

What a wonderful business idea – now this is a company with a true purpose and a soul!
Good for you.
Wishing you much success.

Judy Mckellar August 25, 2019

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