Intersecting Pathways: Superstar X & Sigma Bunny, Forever Friends!

Hello Superstars!

Meet Superstar X and Sigma Bunny:

Their otherworldly mission is to be universal mascots for the superstar in all of us, especially for everyday superstars.

Superstar X is about being true to who you are.

Sigma Bunny is that true friend along the way.

Together, they believe the Universe is an even friendlier space!

It was a “good problem” for us to co-create a visual brand that captured the essence of Superstar X, the company fuelling The X Shop…to make a positive difference in the world and to be true to its origins of being inspired by my brother Edward’s life and artwork, to help co-create a more just world for and with all humans.
“Superstar X” was coined as the company name and as an ode to all kinds of “X” or “different” superstars… like YOU, as in Superstar YOU, to co-create authentic goodness and meaningful connections with and for all kinds of “X” or “different” humans.
In addition to the company name, there was a lot of inspiration to consider, especially given Edward’s many influences from Keith Haring, Madonna, pop culture, DJ culture, aliens, the letter X, and binary digits, in addition to his experiences with schizophrenia, substance use disorder, homelessness, identity, and HIV.
The X Team was up to the challenge of co-creating a “good solution” to exemplify all of this inspiration, which became known as The X Brand and includes Superstar X's logotype (aka font) and logomark (aka characters, Superstar X & Sigma Bunny), as shown above.
Superstar X, the company, is a multimedia collective for the superstar in all of us, with a purpose to celebrate being human and destigmatize being different. In addition, Superstar X’s mission is to empower humanity and cultivate connection by co-creating for multidimensional wellness, art, film, music, fashion, and fun!

To further extend the special meaning of “X” and our expression of gratitude, Superstar X’s hashtag is #ThankYOUforBeingX.

Aligned with Superstar X's purpose and mission, on May 10, 2019, it launched The X Shop: a shoppable art gallery for the superstar in all of us. Currently, The X Shop showcases X Products with printed designs from a collection of Edward's pop-graffiti artwork, entitled "Alien Realities," and of course you'll also find products with Superstar X & Sigma Bunny too! 

In addition to proceeds from The X Shop benefiting Edward and allowing Superstar X to continue co-creating goodness with and for future X Artists10% from each purchase is given to initiatives, programs, and/or organizations that positively impact multidimensional wellness, particularly to benefit children and youth and/or those who are socially vulnerable and/or those who are (or have been) racialized, stigmatized, ostracized, marginalized, bullied, and/or excluded for being “different.”

To learn more about the story behind Superstar X, click here.



Ps Who is your forever friend? Mine is my mother, Beatrice.


Ari, thank you so much for your kind words! You’re such an aMaZiNg cheerleader, and I’m especially grateful for your openness. :-)

Nicole October 08, 2019

Scott, #ThankYOUforBeingX! ;-)

Sigma October 08, 2019

Thank you for celebrating individuality within humanity. It’s work like this that helps us all understand each other and come together with no judgment.

Ari October 02, 2019

Thank you for bringing Superstar X!

Scott October 02, 2019

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