Follow Your Star!

Dear Different,

This post is especially for YOU... in fact, Superstar X is for YOU

Superstar X is about celebrating being human and destigmatizing being different. 

Superstar X is about being real about being here... on this planet called Earth, doing our best to be the best version of ourselves and with a purpose to make a positive difference in the process. Of course, some days this seems "easy" and other days not-so-much.

As you may know, to get the party started, Superstar X's debut X Artist is my brother Edward, who was always "different" (and I can relate 😉)... his artwork has transformed into "shoppable art" available at The X Shop, offering us an insightful glimpse into his reality with schizophrenia, addiction, homelessness, identity, HIV, aliens, and humans.

And, on the topic of being different (aka being true to who you are), last week while my mom (Beatrice) and I were waiting in the doctor's office, on a not-so-great day, we had one of those Magic-of-the-Universe conversations with a couple who was also waiting patiently...

Rose noticed I was reading Le Petit Prince (It's such a brilliant and beautiful story, with the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's biography just as fascinating, and if you haven't seen the movie version on Netflix yet, I highly recommend it! Click here for more info about the expanding world of Le Petit Prince. Okay, and just NOW I connected the two Rose's...the one in the waiting room and the one in Le Petit Prince! 😲) and revealed that her daughter used to collect this book and had over eight different copies! I said I wanted to meet her! Unfortunately, Rose’s daughter lives in Israel. Rose's husband then shared he was almost 90 and has a saying he tells people, "Follow Your Star!"

I loved that a not-so-great day turned into a much brighter one, thanks to a connection with these beautiful humans. So, sharing this with YOU too, as a reminder to "Follow Your Star!"

Do you have a “different” experience to share... to celebrate being human and destigmatize being different?

What are some of your words-of-wisdom?

On behalf of The X Team, we'd love to know your answers  — whatever you feel the urge to share in the comments...



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