A Bunny Surprise


To continue with the intersecting pathways theme, I want to share a story with you about an unexpected bunny appearance but first a bit of background.

My mom (Beatrice) and I believe in the magic of the Universe. Essentially, this means we believe in the inherent goodness of life and the divine timing and spacing of things working (or playing) out as meant to be.

Our experiences of life certainly suck at times, yet we more regularly see and experience the joys and stay curious about the mysteries of this journey. 

Alternatively, other ways said:

  • We believe in love, in a Don Williams' song kind of way (note: for those familiar with his song, "I Believe in You," I'd love to know your thoughts on the first line);
  • We believe in miracles, in an Einstein kind of way (I'm always up to discussing anything relative and I'm keen to know your thoughts on the film "Chasing Einstein");
  • We believe in synchronicity, in a Carl Jung kind of way (I'm especially intrigued by his analysis of symbols); and 
  • We believe in each other, in a Ted & Kristina Gilbertson kind of way (my maternal grandparents). 

So, back to the start of the story I want to share. Ever since we started co-creating Superstar X's brand into life, particularly "Sigma Bunny," we have been seeing all kinds of bunnies in all kinds of places but not quite as overtly unexpected as the one seen in the photo below. 

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2018 and since then life has become even more meaningful and courageously lived. The moments have become even more momentous and this bunny surprise definitely added to our list. 

On the way home from my mom's doctor appointment, our path intersected with this lovely bunny, perfectly placed atop a hedge for the world to see in its glory. Of course. It made us laugh then and still does now. 

Have you ever needed a sign in your life to show you the way or to reinforce that you're going in the right direction? Well, this bunny was just that for us, for many reasons. 

Any signs, synchronicities, intersecting pathways, unexpected surprises, or otherwise to share? We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below!




Hi Scott. 🤓I now have a sudden urge to discuss the inevitability of synchronicity vs. serendipity…mutually exclusive or inclusive events?! I sense a relative blog topic ahead! 🙃🧐

Nicole October 09, 2019

Hi Susan. Thank you for sharing. I agree, we all need some Bunny! And now I’ve got Queen’s “Somebody to Love” song in my head. 🕺What’s your favourite song with those lyrics you mentioned? Good reminder to treasure each day, especially since it can be so easy to get caught up in “stuff” that really doesn’t matter instead of focusing on who and what does. 💜🤗

Nicole October 09, 2019

Synchronicity & serendipity!

Scott October 06, 2019

I think we all need a Bunny in our world for sure:) To quote a line of a favourite song” Each day is a given not a right! Treasure Them🌹✅

Susan Reinhart October 06, 2019

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